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Originated from Hong Kong in 1976, Super Tooling has grown from a local tooling trader to a leading industrial supplieracross China and Taiwan. As of 2016, Super Tooling has 8 sales branches and a team of professional product specialists and experienced sales. Our business covers a variety of industries, including aerospace, power plants, engine manufacturing, engineering machinery, automotive industry, mobile phone and computer processing industry, mold and various small and medium precision parts processing industry, printing and many other field. Our team has expertise in precision tools,measuring equipment,assistive hardware, software design and development capabilities and automated integration.

The past 2016 is a special year for Super Tooling, so far we have gone through four decades of wind and rain journey, look at the current situation inside and outside, the global economic downturn, real economy is fragile,market demand is sluggish, we must keep reform and innovation as our roots and seek improvement in stability.First,divide our sales team into groupson the basis of product features, pay more attention to product technical knowledge to provide more professional services; Second, grasp a more in-depth understanding of the industry development trend, market information and customer needs to react quickly;Third, make a comprehensive renovation of the company's Web site andgeneral catalogue to guaranteecustomers aoverall updated product information;Fourth, participatein dozens ofdifferent-scaled exhibitions and try to give assistance to our dealers in exhibitions, we willspare no effort to advertise and promote our representing brands and products.

2017 will remain a competitive and challenging year, next we planned to set up sales branches in central China to expand our coverage. "One tree doesn’t make a forest", Super Tooling sincerely hope to work together with you to establish more faithful and closer cooperation, and create "win-win" and "multi-win" business.